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Effect of different concentrations of peganum harmala alcoholic extract on the liver and kidney in Albino mice. Histo-pathological study
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Tawfeeq,J. Ali, - Zainab,J.ALBusaid اسماء المساعدين:
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V.(2)NO.(3) P.P(509-521).  
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Abstract Twenty four of males albino mice (Mus musculus) were used in this present study. The animal divided randomly in to four groups: control group was injected with normal saline (0.9 % NaCl2), while the three treated groups was injected subcutaneous different doses of peganum harmala alcoholic extract (75, 100, 150) milligram/ kg B.W at respectively, twice/ weekly for complete month period. The histological changes was severe at high doses (150) milligram/ kg B.W, severe changes were represented hemorrhage in interstitial connective tissue and blood vessels of medulla and cortex, necrosis and degeneration in the epithelial lining of kidney tubules, and show clear damage in the cortex of kidney mice at concentration (150) milligram/ kg B.W and shrinkage in the glomeruli with widening in Bowman’s space, while the doses (100, 75) milligram/ kg B.W have moderate and mild effects on the cortex and medulla of kidney mice, were represented by moderate and mild degeneration and hypertrophy of epithelial lining with widening of Henle's loops, and glomerulonephritis was occurred. while the effects of different doses of peganum harmala seeds alcoholic extract on the liver structures, have been showed severe toxic effect at concentration (150) milligram/ kg B.W led to severs destruction of hepatic cells, pyknotic of hepatic cell nuclei and vesiculation in their cytoplasm due to fatty degeneration. From other hand, widening in hepatic sinusoids and destruction in the walls of central veins were occurred. Nuclear polymorph cellular infiltration and cirrhosis as well as widening in hepatic sinusoids and pyknotic in hepatic cell nuclei were noticed at concentration (100) milligram / kg B.W.