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Zainab Abdul Ameer Mohammed اسم الناشر:
Nidhal Abdul Hussein Al–Bdairi and Ra’ad Khadum Abed اسماء المساعدين:
Biochem. Cell. Arch. الجهة الناشرة:
Vol. 18, Supplement 1, pp. 953-958, 2018  
2018 سنة النشر:


ABSTRACT : The current study was performed using the RARD markers in detect the genetic relationship, genetic diversity and DNA fingerprint of 7 algae genotypes. 10 primers were chosen, which showed contrastive multiplying results among the studied species. These primers showed 277 various bands from the original 414 main bands. The highest number of amplified bands was 69 obtained through all genomes by the OPT-12 primer and the lowest number of the amplified bands 18 by the OPE- 02 primer. The highest number of main bands 50 was obtained by the OPT-12 primer and the lowest number of main bands 11 by the OPY-04 primer. Primer gave OPT-09 higher value for polymorphism 60%, while the lowest value 21% for polymorphism in primer OPE-02. Higher discriminatory in primer OPT-12 of 19.040 while, primer OPE-02 gave the lowest discriminating capacity of 3.571. It was found that the OPF-06 primer gave the highest calculated efficiency of 0.761 while, the OPE-02 primer gave the least efficiency calculated as 0.166. The lowest genetic distance was (0.19537) between species(1) Cladophora crispate and (2) Scenedesmu squadricau while the highest genetic distance was (0.51097) between species (3) Chlorella vulgaris and (5) Ulval actuca. Cluster analysis (phylogenetic tree) by unweighted pair-group method of arithmetic means (UPGMA) based dendrogram revealed that they were two main genetic groups. The overall analysis of the results revealed that the genetic relationships among algal species were related to some of their morphological characters as well as to their geographical origins at the molecular genetics.