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Physiological study about the reaction of the mixture of Lawson paste marinated with Epsom salt in treating underarm and foot’s fungi
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Dr. Hassan, A.U اسم الناشر:
. Dr. M.A. Al-Jashami Dr. Y.S. Abdul-Jaleel اسماء المساعدين:
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Abstract: The aim of this study is to configure a herbal mixture for treat fungal pathogens in the underarm and foot. We are based on Mehndi plant to prepare this dough which blended with epsom salt’s solution in pure water. The homogenous compositions of Mehndi paste which mingled in a percentage (50:50) with dissolved Epsom salt in water at the laboratory showed a successful positive product in the treatment of foot and armpit fungi, without any side effects recalls after medicated with this product externally on the affected areas. led the study to conclude that medication with Mehndi paste is an effective pharmaceutical-herbal treatment of fungal diseases in the limbs of human