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Employment of combined-extraction from Argan oil and diluted apple cider vinegar (ACV-AO)for refuting pediculosis in cats
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Ph.D. Abdul-samad Uleiwi Hassan اسم الناشر:
MSc. Fawziyya Fakhry Al-Fayyadh(2) Ph.D. Yarob Sa'ad Abdul-Jaleel(3) اسماء المساعدين:
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Abstract: The present study demonstrated a positive effect of both argan oil & apple cider vinegar mixed with pure water RO in the healing of head lice disease, as it was the best concentration plant is 50% and the level of significance p< 0.05 after adding Argan oil by 1/200. Experience also showed not affected the cuticle transactions applicable to this mixture and instead it found that the direct impact of this solution is focused on the respiratory system of the lice to lead to a suffocating with stiff competent tissue and without any side effects mentioned during host's treatment.