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A Comparative Anatomical Study for the species of the genus Carex L. (Cyperaceae) in Iraq
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د. ابو ذر حاتم مجيد اسم الناشر:
عبد الله شكور سردار شيماء مازي جبار اسماء المساعدين:
Journal of Scientific and Engineering Research الجهة الناشرة:
ISSN: 2394-2630 CODEN(USA): JSERBR  
2017 سنة النشر:


Abstract This study examines the taxonomic significance of leaves epidermis for the some Carex L. species in Iraq , comprising diagnostic anatomical feature obtained from abaxial leaf epidermis micro morphology , the results of observations show that the characters studied (long cell length in stomatal & non stomatal Length , Stomata Length & Number) are different between taxa under study . Euclidean genetic distance values & Cluster analysis of species are investigated in this study.