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تأثير ملوحة مياه الري ووسط الانبات في نسبة انبات حبوب الحنطة Triticum aestivum L. وبعض مؤشرات النمو المبكرة
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Abstract : An experiment was conducted inside a glass house , and in the open field at Biol. Dept. Coll. Of Sciences , Kufa University during winter season of 2010 / 2011 to assess the effect of water irrigation salinity and germination medium on germination percentage of wheat seeds and some early growth parameters . Seeds were obtained from Agricultural Board of AL- Najaf holy shrine . Completely Randomized Design ( C.R.D. ) was used in this experiment . Results were analyzed according to analysis of variance . Means were compared according to Duncan's Multiple Range Test ( DMRT ) at probability of 0.05 . Seeds sown on 4 / 11 / 2010 in Petri-dishes covered inside with filter paper size 14 cm. which was wilted with the water irrigation salinity . Twenty five seeds of wheat cv. " IPA – 99 " were sown in each Petri-dish with five replicates . The number of germinated seeds were calculated in each Petri-dish for each treatment till complete germination on 1 /12 / 2010 . Each Petri-dish irrigated with 25 ml. of distilled water ,tap water , river water , drainage water and a mixture of river water and drainage water by a ratio of 1 : 1 . Results indicated that , irrigation with drainage water resulted in a significant reduction in germination percentage ( 82.2 % ) which significantly differed among the percentage of the other water qualities . The percentage of germination was 98.2 % for seeds watered with distilled water which did not differ from that seeds watered with tap water it gave 97.3 %. On the other hand , germination medium influenced the germination percentage due to the percentage of 95.3 % for seeds germinated in the laboratory compared with the results of other media , meanwhile , the percentage of 91.5 % came from the use of open field as germinating medium . The interaction between experimental factors ( water irrigation quality and germinating medium ) cleared that the highest germination percentage 100 % obtained from the interaction of distilled water irrigation with both germinating media glass house and laboratory ; and with the river water irrigation and laboratory . While the percentage of 81.0 % was obtained from drainage water irrigation and glass house medium . Moreover , there were significant effects of drainage water and open field medium on the reduction in lengths of plumule and radical and dry weights of seedling .