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BatchPrimer3: A free web application for allele specific (SBE and allele flanking) primer design for SNPs genotyping in molecular diagnostics: A bioinformatics study
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From 1990 to 2003 is the period needed to finish the human genome project. The ideas were and still introduce growing cheap, reliable and fast advance techniques for dealing with analysis of huge information of the human genome. Whereas that technique is contagious with a suitable analysis to differentiate between variants, linked to malady tendency and how drug responses. Single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) considered the most common type of genetic variation between people. It is associated with various of diseases and sometime plays a role of prophylactic against a certain disease. Primer pairs considered the mainly implement player in polymerase chain reaction. So, they needed to design an efficient and good quality primer by many programs and applications still demanded. Many studies related to SNPs associated disease and mutations were depended on sensitive and inexpensive price method such as allele-specific (AS) polymerase chain reaction and single base extension.