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التغيرات الحاصلة في وزن الجسم وصورة الدم بتأثير حقن Depot Medroxy Progesteron Acetate (DMPA)
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The current study was designed to demonstrate the effects which caused by the injection with depot medroxyprogesteron acetate (DMPA) on the body weight and blood picture. This study was performed in the hospital of "Delivery and children" in the AL-Najaf governorate .To achieve this aim,(25) treated females in an age between(22-49)year and their weights were between( 40-69kg) and 25 healthy nontreated females(control group) were involved in this study. The results illustrated significant decrease (p<0.01) in the body weight, haemoglobin concentration and platelet counts, also the erythrocytes sedimentation rate and total count of white blood cells revealed significant increase (p<0.01) .On the other hand clotting time has no significant change