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Hepatoprotective effects of thyme extract in Cisplatin-induced liver toxicity in rabbits
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ASTRACT The administration of aqueous thyme extract was investigated for its hepatoprotective effect in rabbits with acute liver injury induced by a single i.p. injection of cisplatin (6.5 mg/kg). Aqueous thyme extract treatment (500 mg/kg/day, orally) was applied for 7 consecutive days, starting 4 days before cisplatin administration. Aqueous thyme extract significantly reduced serum levels of liver enzymes and increased serum albumin levels which were altered by cisplatin. Aqueous thyme extract significantly compensated deficits in tissue glutathione level, suppressed lipid peroxidation, and decreased the elevations of serum tumor necrosis factor-alpha resulted from cisplatin administration. Also, histopathological liver tissue damage mediated by cisplatin as well as inflammatory cells infiltration was greatly ameliorated by aqueous thyme extract treatment. It was concluded that aqueous thyme extract represents a potential therapeutic option to protect against acute cisplatin hepatotoxicity commonly encountered in clinical practice.