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The Constitutive Heterochromatin size polymorphism in older men with prostatic cancer (stage two)
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Abstract: Objective: The goal of the study is to complete the second part in the evaluation of possible action of autosomal C-band size polymorphism in elder men with prostatic cancer. Methods: Twenty two men patients with clinical diagnosis of prostatic cancer were assessed by urologist consultant and histopathologist at middle euphrates district, during one year period, November 2005 to November 2006. The patients were separated into two groups; first with age 70 years or less; second with age more than 70 years. Constitutive estimation was depend on qualitative method, blood culture, chromosomes harvesting and C-band technique were carry out according to the standard methods. Results: (1) C-band qualitative study shows a notable increment in the C-band large size (level 3) in the chromosomes 1 and 9 among younger group(less than 70 years) of patients (P< 0.05). (2) A significantly increased the frequency distribution of large heterochromatin regions (level 3) of chromosomes 1and 9 was found in patients with Primary (PD) disease when compared with patients of advanced prostatic cancer (p<0.05). Conclusion: These results confirm the positive correlation between susceptibility of patients to early development of prostatic cancer and the amount of heterochromatin on chromosomes 1 and 9.