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Effect of dietary L-carnitine on methionine overload on pituitary and ovarian tissue structure and weight in albino rats.
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salah kareem hussein اسم الناشر:
baraa najim al- okaily اسماء المساعدين:
Online Journal of Veterinary Research الجهة الناشرة:
Volume 23 (3):241-254, 2019  
2019 سنة النشر:


We describe effect of oral l-carnitine (LC) on pituitary and ovary tissue structures and weights in rats given high doses of oral methionine. Four groups of 5 adult albino female rats each weighing 180 ± 15gm were intubated 100mg/kg L-carnitine with or without 100mg/Kg methionine daily for 28 days. Controls were intubated water. At sacrifice, ovarian/body weight ratios were recorded and pituitary and ovarian tissues excised for microscopy. Compared with water controls, we found significant (P<0.05) reduction (~7%) in mean ovarian/body weight ratio only in those given methionine. In pituitary tissue of rats given only methionine we observed altered branched cords with atrophied cells, congested dilated sinusoids, moderate cellular necrosis, loss of parenchyma and vacuoles in cytoplasm of pituitary cells. In ovarian tissue of rats only given methionine we found severe vascular congestion, necrosis, degeneration of follicles with absence of primordial or atretic follicles. In rats supplemented LC we found normal corpus luteum with vascular stroma but slight degeneration of follicles with a few atretic. In those given LC with methionine overload we found slight congestion of pituitary sinusoids and few lymphocytes but normal cells and stroma. In those given only LC we found no abnormalities. Our results suggest that LC may inhibit histopathological changes in pituitary and ovaries in albino rats due to methionine overload.