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Comparative Leaf Anatomy of the Genus Hordeum L. (Poaceae) in Iraq
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Ruqayah Manoon Alnomani اسم الناشر:
Abdul K. Al-Bermani Abass M. Al-Hameedawi Enam J. ALabasy اسماء المساعدين:
Advances in Life Science and Technology الجهة الناشرة:
مجلة محكمة ضمن تصنيف Scopus ذات عامل تأثير عالي  
2015 سنة النشر:


In this study leaf anatomical characters among the species of the genus Hordeum L. have been evaluated. In Iraq, Hordeum is represented by eight species, namely Hordeum bulbosum L., H.distichon L., H.geniculatum All., H.glaucum Steud., H.leporinum Link, H.marinum var. marinum Huds., H.marinum var. pubescens (Guss.) Nevski, H. spontaneum var. spontaneum C. Koch, H.spontaneum var. proskowetzii Nab., and H. vulgare L. This genus one of the most economically important cereal crops in the tribe Triticeae, has a worldwide distribution mainly in temperate and dry regions of the world. The main objective of this study is to asses the significance of anatomical characteristics of the leaves. For this purpose transverse sections and leaf surfaces were examined. Anatomic features show that leaf blades vary between the taxa in both qualitative and quantitative values. Sclerenchymatic cells, silica bodies, and stomata, furrow and ribs properties, the existence of midrib and bulliform cells, and indumentum properties such as length of prickles and macro-hairs are all included in these diagnostic characteristics .