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First Detection of The blaNDM-1 and blaNDM-2 Genes in a Clinical Isolates of Acinetobacter baumannii in Hillah Hospitals-Iraq
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علوم التخصص العام:
Raad Abdulabass AL-Harmoosh اسم الناشر:
Eman M. Jarallah اسماء المساعدين:
International Journal of Advanced Research الجهة الناشرة:
ISSN 2320-5407  
2015 سنة النشر:


Carbapenemase producing Acinetobacter baumannii is frequently associated with nosocomial infections. Increasing resistance to carbapenems, may significantly reduce the choice of effective antibiotics. This study was conducted to determine the occurrence of carbapenmase producing A. baumannii isolates obtained from Hillah hospitals. Isolates were identified according to biochemical tests and more confirmed using API 20E system. Carbapenem susceptibility was assayed by using disks diffusion test .Phenotypic detection of carbapenemase was performed using the imipenem-EDTA disk and modified Hodg tests. Then isolates were subjected to monoplex PCR targeting blaNDM-1 and blaNDM-2 genes. 10 (0.76%) A. baumannii isolates were recovered from clinical samples. One (10%) of isolate was found to be imipenem and meropenem resistant (MIC > 512 ?g/ml). 6(60%) gave positive result with the imipenem-EDTA disk and modified Hodg test. PCR experiments showed only two (20%) isolates were harbored blaNDM-1gene and four (40%) blaNDM-2. Partial DNA sequencing of NDM genes reveled to there is some variation from NDM-1 and NDM-2 genes in two isolates.The present findings suggest that emergence of blaNDM carbapenemase producing A. baumannii clinical isolates in Hillah hospitals.