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Abstract Background: Skeletal changes and bone complications in patients with beta thalassemia major are common and risky. We aim in this study to early detection of low bone density in children with thalassemia major thus overcome any asymptomatic skeletal changes and pathological fractures. The methods : this study is a cross sectional conducted in the center of hereditary blood disorders in alzahra teaching hospital for the period between 1st of October 2011 to end of November 2012. Fifty, randomly selected (selecting one patients every five of them) beta thalassemia major patients from a total of ( 685 patients) registered in the centre were evaluated for bone marrow densitometry ( BMD). Patients were classified according to their ages in 3 main groups , group A ( 2 – 5 yr) , group B ( 6 – 10 yr) and group C ( 11 – 15 yr ) . Dual energy x-ray absorptiometry ( DEXA) was performed in lumbar regions of those patients . The Z-scores were measured from bone density values according to age and gender. The Z score less than -2.5 was taken as cut off value for osteoporosis, and between -1 and -2.5 as osteopenia. Biochemical and hormonal parameters were recorded and analyzed . Results : The patient age mean was ( 15 ± 5.5 years ) and BMD mean of spine was ( - 2.6500 +/- 0.9 ). Mean Hb. Was ( 9.01g/dl) . All groups of patients with high serum Ferritin level , and (10 %) with hypocalcemia , (26%) had hypophosphatemia , (38 % ) with high alkaline phosphates enzyme level. BMD was low in all patients of groups C ( 100% ) , (77.78 %) of group B and (52.63 %) of group A ( p = 0.048 ) , there is a significant relation between high levels of serum ferritin and BMD ( p = 0.0046 ) While there is no significant relation between S.Ca , S.Ph. , S.ALP level and BMD . Conclusion: present study show that patient of beta thalassemia major may show evidence of low BMD even in younger age group , and those with no clear clinical presentation of bone disease .