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The effects of laser radiation on biological skin tissues
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Sahib. N. abdulwahid اسم الناشر:
Noor Taha Ismaeel اسماء المساعدين:
Advances in Environmental Biology/ AENSI Journals الجهة الناشرة:
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The focus of the present work on the laser interaction with human skin depend on the absorption of the radiation, in this study using the Nd-YAG laser of free running and Q-switching wavelength (1064,532nm) respectively. The absorption coefficient (μ ), penetration depth (L), thermal relaxation time, pulse duration, fluence, power density, intensity and temperature have been studied and the relationship between them desiccation. The result of (PSNR) has been presented as a mathematical matrix, since the standard ratio (PSNR) was from (30-50dB) represent the acceptable ratio to the identical between the two images before and after treatment by Nd-YAG laser. In present work , the port wine stain has been studied, the (PSNR) value was lower than 30, it was mean that there were a big difference between the two images before and after treatment. All the values of (PSNR) for the patients have been recorded under 20 which means that the response for the treated lesions were remarkable. This method has been used to measure the quality of image before and after treatment by image processing. This study has been compared with other studies, and the results have been appeared as good agreement and high response.