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Home energy management of thermostatically controlled loads and photovoltaic-battery systems
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Mohammed Jasim M. Al Essa اسم الناشر:
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Energy management systems modify typical electricity consumption of some appliances to enhance energy efficiency, while considering operational characteristics of such devices. This paper proposes a scheme of home energy management (HEM) to adapt power consumption and generation of thermostatically controlled loads (TCLs) and photovoltaic-battery systems based on their operating conditions. TCLs of air conditioning systems are initially evaluated considering variable in-home temperatures, whereas their energy consumption is estimated using degree-days. Meanwhile, power generation of the photovoltaic-battery system is calculated according to technical parameters, solar irradiances and ambient temperatures. The proposed scheme of HEM system optimizes power consumption of TCLs using linear programming, sustaining the in-house temperature within its threshold. Charging and dis-charging power of the photovoltaic-battery system is accordingly re-scheduled while monitoring its battery state of charge. Simulation results of different case studies show that the proposed HEM scheme reduces energy consumption of the TCLs and photovoltaic-battery systems by 30%, while maintaining customer's quality of experience. Moreover, the proposed strategy prevents batteries from being intensely charged and dis-charged to improve their performance and to expand their lifecycle. Consequently, the proposed HEM plan is able to decrease operational and maintenance costs of such systems.