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Effect of Workplace Violence against Nurses in Al-Najaf Teaching Hospitals
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Maha Salah Razzaq, M.Sc.*, * M.Sc.Maternity Nursing, Faculty of Nursing, University of Kufa اسم الناشر:
Shukriyia Shadhan Chyad Al- Ogaili, Ph.D Maternity Nursing, Health and Medical Collage Techniques, \University of Al-Forat Al-Awsat - Iraq. اسماء المساعدين:
International journal of scientific and research and research of publication الجهة الناشرة:
Faculty of Nursing, University of Kufa. جامعة الكوفة الكوفة, صندوق بريد (21), محافظة النجف الاشرف, جمهورية العراق البريد الالكتروني: [email protected] هاتف:33340952 (0)964+  
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Background:Violence against health care workers (HCWs) or workplace violence in general is a major problem affecting health and productivity of HCWs. Objective: to identify the effect and sources of workplace violence against female's nurses.To find out the relationship between the effect of workplace violence on females' nurses and other factors such as (demographic, reproductive health and etc.).Material and methods:A cross-sectional analyticstudy has been carried outAl - Sadder Medical Cityand Al-Zahraa Teaching Hospital,November, 1P st P, 2015 until September, 15P th P, 2016. A purposive sample of (280) nurses.Results:The study showed that low percentage (10%) from nurses subjected to psychological workplace violence. Conclusion and Recommendation: The study concludes that the majority of study sample not exposed to any type of workplace violence. But there are low percentage from nurses exposed to workplace violence. The study recommends Curriculum development for nursing students regarding methods of communicating in order to reduce the exposure to violence in the workplace, organizing courses for nurses to define their duties and their rights, as well as development of the skill of the nurses on how to deal with incidents of violence and critical situations and Legislation and activating the laws that promote the protection of health workers, especially female nurses from all sources of violence