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Assesment of capslar antigen extracred from Proteus volgaris as immune stimulater and antibacterial activity
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D .Mayada F.Darweesh اسم الناشر:
nebras yuheaa , Nofel husean Al-dujelea اسماء المساعدين:
Print ISSN: 2073-8854 & Online ISSN: 2311-6544 Magazin of Al-Kufa University for Biology الجهة الناشرة:
VOL.6/ NO.3/ Year : 2014 pp: 1-11  
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The current study including two parts : The first was determination antimicrobial effect of Proteus vulgaris on two type of pathogenic bacteria such as S.aureus and P. aeruginosa , the second was evaluate the effect of capsular polysaccharide antigen which extract from Proteus vulgaris to stimulate immune response in mice . CPS antigen from P. vulgaris was prepared, then series concetration of wild type of bathogenic bacteria and from CPS antigen were prepared depending on LD50 value which was;1×105 cfu /ml of wilde type and 1×108 cfu/ ml of CPS antigens ,these concentration injected in 0.1 ml intraperetonial in mice . Immune response in mice evaluated by using the following assay: ( phagocytosis , Arthus reaction , delayed hypersensitivity , T-rossate formation and plaque forming cells ) by use two concentration LD50 and 0.1 LD50 which was( 1×108 , 1×107) cfu/ ml in 0.1 ml from CPS antigens« to evaluate the best concentration in stimulate immune response» and bacterial suspention in 3 mice to each test in addition to control group injected by normal saline . The results of this study confirmed that , the P. vulgaris was effective in inhibiting the growth of investigated bacteria , with inhibition zone 28 mm for S.aureus and 23 mm for P.aeruginosa , also the result show that the CPS antigen in1×107 cfu/ ml concentration after 14 days from injection is the best efficient and gave highest mean in phagocytosis , delayed hypersansativity , T-rossate formation and, specific immunity in term of plaque forming cells and arthus reaction was significantly increase in 1×107 cfu/ ml .It is concluded that efficient immune response can be obtained by CPS from P. vulgaris