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The Spatial fitness for functional requirements (Rusafa Center _ case study)
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The urban fabric of any city is the product of interconnected socio-economic forces, harmony between these forces means balance in the urban environment, the important role of time in shaping the urban image of the city and giving it a distinctive character through their activities and interactions. As the urban expansion of the cities and the transformation of the structural characteristics of their urban fabric became more important, the realization of the spatial fittness of the functional requirements became one of the important topics that the studies dealt with. In order to deal with the research's problem, the concept of fittness has been defined, in general, and the fittness of spatial-functional requirements in terms of planning, in particular, and the testing of the relationship in selected urban fabric using the Space Syntax (Depth Map) method. The research has led to the submission of a planning proposal for the development of the study area to achieve the spatial fittness of the added functional requirements.