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Spectrophotometric determination of copper (II) by analytical reagent derived from imidazole and 4-aminoantypyrine and application in different sample
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Khdeeja Jabbar Ali* اسم الناشر:
, Layla Ali Mohammed*, Fatima Jabbar Ali , ,Hider Norrie Rahim اسماء المساعدين:
University of kufa الجهة الناشرة:
University of kufa  
2015 سنة النشر:


Abstract Ligand2-[(4-antipyrinyl)azo)]imidazole were prepared and then react with metal salt in ethanol :water as asolvent in 1:1 ratio (metal : ligand) . The complex which have the general formula [ CuLCI2.H2O]. ligand its metal complex are characterized using metal analysis by Infrared spectra, Electronic spectra,1HNMR spectral studies, Molar conductance , and Magnetic moment measurements, the measurements indicated that the ligand coordinate with the metal (II)ion in neutral tridentate manner. All the studies reveal coordination sixe for the metal in the complex. Octahedral structures are suggested for metal complex. Determining the trace amounts of Copper(II) was proposed in this paper. The methods was based upon the reaction of Copper(II) with 2-[(4- antipyriyl)azo]imidazole (4- APAA) as organic reagent in order to complex formation. The absorbance of complex ,which is directly proportional to Copper(II) concentration at 578 nm. Various parameters that affect the signal response have been optimized in order to get the better sensitivity have been investigated. Absorbance was recorded at pH 8-9,with reagent concentration of 1×10 -5mol/l .The observed to be stable at various at temperatures (5-60 )˚C and for a longer period of time 1440 min. The calibration graph was linear in the range of 1×1-5–1×10-4mol/l. The practically detection limit was 1×1-6mol/l.