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Segregated the Protoscolices of Hydatid Cysts Parasite by Medical Image Processing
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Kawther H. Al-khafaji اسم الناشر:
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(International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR) الجهة الناشرة:
ISSN (Online): 2319-7064 Index Copernicus Value (2013): 6.14 | Impact Factor (2014): 5.611  
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Hydatid disease is an important zoonotic parasitic disease with public health significance that affects both humans and other mammals such as sheep, dogs, rodents and horses, currently the surgery is the best way for treatment in hydatid Cysts, a major concern during surgery to remove cysts is that brood capsules can float free within the cyst and that lead to spillage of viable parasite (Protoscolices), Therefore the surgeons inject the cyst by Scolicidal agent before removing the cyst and that lead to killing most or in some time all the Protoscolices in the cyst. The aim of current research is to produce a an effective image processing program that can detect and separate the Protoscolices of hydatid cysts dead from live in the microscopic medical image ,depending on color detection technique by using Matlab image processing function and tools .The results indicate that the algorithm proposed are able to isolate the dead Protoscolices in hydatid cysts microscopic images.