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Effect Addition of the Extract Nigella sativa on the Histological and Physiological Changes of the Domestic Chicken Experimental Infected with Eimeria maxima
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علوم التخصص العام:
Sukayna Jabbar Mushattat اسم الناشر:
Jabbar Abadi Alaridi اسماء المساعدين:
Journal of . Pharm. Sci. & Res الجهة الناشرة:
2018 سنة النشر:


Abstract The results of the current study showed the effect of the black bean powder Nigella sativa on some of the parameters of the domestic chicken with the Eimeria maxima. The results showed a significant effect of the Nigella sativa extract in RBC, WBC and PCV. The results of the study showed a significant decrease in P <0.05 ratio of heterozygous cells to lymphocytes and the number of eggs in the feces exposed in the feces of the chick larvae (0.50 g / mL) compared to positive control. While the results showed a high morale (P <0.05) in the value of the puppet images of the size of the cells and the level of blood clot (Hb) for the treatments fed the alcoholic extract of the black bean (0.50 g / ml) compared with the positive control. In terms of biochemical characteristics, the results showed a high morale (P <0.05) in the level of the blood biochemical characteristics of total protein and cholesterol levels of the black bean extract (0.50 g / mL) compared with positive control, 0.05) at the level of calcium in the positive control group compared to the treatments that were fed a high morale decrease (P <0.05) in the calcium level in the positive control group compared with the treatments fed with the alcoholic extract of the black bean (0.50 g / ml). The study showed a clear effect of the alcoholic extract of black bean seeds N.sativa in the restoration of the damaged intestinal tissues due to the experimental infection of parasites Eimeria maxima, which was characterized by a lack of damage in the vesicles and lack of lymphocyte infiltration and re-lining the lining of the intestinal epithelium, And lack of bowel bleeding due to injury.