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تحضير وتشخيص طيفي لمعقدي ايوني النيكل)II)و النحاس )II )مع الليكاند 2([-4 -برومو فنيل( آزو[ - 4,5 -ثنائي فنيل إميدازول )BrPAI-P)
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Journal of Kufa for Chemical Science الجهة الناشرة:
صادرة عن قسم الكيمياء في كلية التربية للبنات جامعة الكوفة  
2010 سنة النشر:


Abstract The ligand of azo imidazole 2-[(4-Bromo phenyl)azo]-4,5- diphenyl imidazole (P- BrPAI) have been prepared . Have also been prepared two chelate complexes by reacting this ligand with the metal ionsNi(II),Cu(II). The preparation has been conducted after fixing the optimum conditions of concentration and (pH).U.V- visible spectra of these complexes solutions have been studied for a range of (pH) and concentration which obey lampert-Beers Law.The structures of complexes are deduced according to mole ratio method which were obtained from the spectroscopic studies of the complex solutions .The ratios of metal: ligand obtained are (1:2) for both complexes of Ni(II)and Cu(II)) ions.The stability of complexes in solution were also studied at the optimum conditions.(UV-Vis) absorption spectra of ethanolic solution of complexes showed bathchromic shift , as compared with that of free ligand .The infrared spectra of the chelating complexes have been studied ,this may indicate that coordination between the metal ions and our ligand takes place.The conductivity measurements , Elemental analysis ,the percentage of metal ions and the measurements of magnetic susceptibility of the complexes were determined ,Depending on these results , in addition to, We may conclude that the proposed geometrical structures of the complexes of Ni(II), Cu(II)