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Removal of Leshman's stain from aqueous solution By adsorption on modified kaolin and kaolin clays in Batch Techniques
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Abstract:- Kaolin clay and Modified clay ( Polymer of kaolin- poly vinyl Alcohol) as an adsorbent for the removal of textile dye from aqueous solution . The aim of this study was to search for selective active surface in adsorption of Leshman's stain .The adsorption of dye on clays were found to be dependent contact time, dye concentration, initial pH , and amount of adsorbent .Spectrophotometric technique was used for the measurement of concentration of dye before and after adsorption . The removal data of Modified clay were fitted on Freundilch and Langmuir adsorption isotherm equations., While adsorption isotherm on Kaolin clay was fitted on Freundilch isotherm only .The maximum adsorption of Leshman's stain on Modified clay was much higher than that of Kaolin clay . The adsorption isotherm data will employ to Calculate the thermodynamic parameters like (∆G) Gibb s free,( ∆H)change in enthalpy and (∆S) entropy .The values of percent removal and KD for dye by modified clay and Kaolin clay were also calculated at temperatures ranging from (298-328 K) .