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Micro Determination Study and Organo physical properties of 2-Aminophenol and Catechol with 4-aminoantipyrine in the Presence of Potassium Iodate
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Abstract : A simple, sensitive and selective method has been developed for the determinations of 2-aminophenol and catechol. The method is based on the reaction of 2-aminophenol and catechol with and potassium iodate at pH 3.7 and 3.3 were studied. The reactions gave and an intense water soluble color products their have a maximum absorption at 427, 378 nm and εmax0.19*104 and 0.12*104 for 2-aminophenol and catechol respectively . A linear correlations (1-9 μg ml-1) for both compounds were found between absorbance at λmax and concentration. The results obtained are both precise (RSD were better than 1.3 % and 2.2 % respectively) and accurate (relative error were better than 0.03 % and 0.4 %) . The colored products were found to be 1:1 2-aminophenol : 4-aminoantipyrine and catechol : 4-aminoantipyrine . The stability constants and the rate constants of the reactions under optimized conditions and at room temperature were 0.1*103 L.mole-1, 1.8*10-2 min-1 and 3.5*104 L.mole -1 , 2.6*10-2 min-1 respectively