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Thermodynamics of adsorption of some dyes from aqueous media on sunflower stalks.
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ABSTRACT The use of low - cost, locally available and eco-friendly adsorbents has been investigated as an ideal alternative to the current expensive methods of removing dyes from wastewater. The use of sunflower stalks as adsorbents for the removal of Cong Red andو Gentine violet dyes from aqueous solutions was investigated. The effect of some significant parameters such as pH, temperature, ionic strength, initial sorbate concentration, contact time, etc. on the adsorption behaviour of the studied systems was outlined. The adsorption characteristics of two dyes by sunflower stalks were investigated by fitting the experimental data to Freundlich and Langmuir isotherms. Cong Red had a much larger capacity of adsorption on the surface than did the other dye. The initial pH of dye solutions in the range 4-9 did not influence significantly the adsorption of dye by sunflower stalks and the highest value of adsorption capacity was observed at pH=7. The extent of adsorption of the dye was related directly to the surface area of the adsorbent. sunflower stalks can be an attractive option for dyes removal from diluted industrial effluents.