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his study suggests the best infrastructure network design based on the analysis of the performance and the type of protocol used. The infrastructure is built using Cisco components and Jaber Ibn Hayyan Medical University has been taken as case study for this purpose. The suggested network has the ability to address the common networks’s drawbacks happening in reliability, security, speed (throughput) and manageability. To show these issues, the project is implemented by employing the Virtual LAN (VLAN) concept, airfibre (Fiber performance over wireless links) ASA and OSPF. The chosen network design for Jaber Ibn Hayyan Medical University has been built based on the existence requirements in every campus according to the basic of the needs and future vision compared to standardization included in the Cisco design. The project uses VLAN to solve the broadcast and management problems. It also emulates airfibre concept to provide flexibility and cost effective method of connection that could be deployed as the main network branches connections or backup paths. In addition, the design compares the OSPF (Open Shortest Path First) routing protocol with RIP protocol to find the better network performance as experimented and illustrated in the study results study. This network is considered as an efficient and a affordable cost to build a campus network, specifically is customized for Jaber Ibn Hayyan Medical University. The reason is because the university is newly opened and it lacks the presence of such a type of fully-service data center network. All the outcomes and the design have been conducted using simulation platform provided by Cisco called Packet Tracer (PT)*. Moreover, for backbone parts of the suggested network, actual comparison tests are done utilizing University of Kufa current Cisco platform infrastructure for more accurate results.