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Shift-Exchange synchronization Protocol(SESP) in Hard Real Time System
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IEEE explore الجهة الناشرة:
2017 IEEE 2nd Advanced Information Technology, Electronic and Automation Control Conference (IAEAC 2017)  
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Abstract— with the critical issues for hard real time operating system (RTOS), many protocols had been developed to manage the task's locking process to the shared resources, especially on the multi-core and distributed platforms. with this orientation, this paper presents a new protocol called "Shift-Exchange Synchronization Protocol in Hard Real Time System (SESP)", this protocol is proposed to be a locking protocol in hard real time operating system, that could work on multi-core and distributed systems, where this protocol developed three arguments; first: design a new priority instead of the original priority of tasks, called weight priority, where this priority has been deduced from many task's properties such as; the original priority, blocking times of task, the acquiring times of task to the shared resources, …etc. Second, design a new queue called weight queue with mechanism called high weight fist serve (HWFS), this queue deigned to be compatible with weight priority. Third, design a new synchronization and scheduling mechanism to lock the shared resource called shift exchange mechanism. The first and second arguments are a pre-process for the task to be ready for the third argument. The proposed protocol addressed many problems (exist in ancient locking protocols) such as "resources nested", and "dead lock", add to that this protocol shows outperform comparing to some of previously developed protocols by experimental works.