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Multi-Core-GPUs-SRs platform Policy in Hard Real Time System (MCGSP).
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The 2015 International Workshop on Computer Science and Engineering (WCSE 2015-IPCE), 2015, 629-638.  
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Abstract OpenMP has been designed as a programming model for taking advantage of multi-core architecture to do parallel programming, in this paper we present a new platform for multi-core hard real time system, by getting the advantage of OpenMP parallel programming to design OpenMP unit in hard real time system to be alternative for the GPU in free GPU systems; where this platform divided into three parts; first: clustering the multi-core-shared resources, second; constructing the OpenMP unit from the available cores, and third; designing the mechanism which govern the OpenMP unit with whole cores and shared resources. The performance of this platform compared it with classical multi-cores platform with MPCP locking protocol to support this protocol by the new design.