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National Journal of Chemistry,2008, Volume 30, 195- المجلة القطرية للكيمياء- 8002 المجلد الثلاثون 20 الجهة الناشرة:
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2008 سنة النشر:


The electronic absorption spectroscopy studies the physical properties of pyrethriods in several solvents with different polarity ( methanol and hexane ) . The maximum wavelength (λmax) for these compounds have been determined and found to be (221,220) nm for permethrin and tetramethrin respectively in hexane solvent. The ultraviolet spectrum proved that there is an interaction ,for the pyrethroid compounds with electron carriers as part of the respiratory chain components, which have indicated the formation of complexes through the displacement of the maximum absorption wavelength for the semi-Coenzyme Q(10) (ubiquinon 0) Ub0 λ=264 nm to (273,272)nm for (per.+ Ub0) and (Tet. + Ub0) complexes. Also through uv. spectrum, it was approved that there was interactions occurred between the pyrethroide compounds with electron carrier ( cytochrome C) and the decrease of molar absorption coefficient, ε values for the mixture components that equal to (10880 , 5140) l. mol-1. cm-1 for two complexes (cyt.C + per.) , (cyt.C+ Tet.) respectively ,with (1:1) ratio interactions between mixture components, that equal to (10162) l. mol-1. cm-1 for cytochrome C alone. That have certainty occurred and to the formation of complexes with inhibition the respiratory process with cutting pass of electron and the energy production.