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دراسة بولاروغرافية في حساب إستقرارية المعقدات الجزيئية لمرافق الانزيم NADH مع بعض المستقبلات الالكترونية في المحاليل المائية
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Co-enzyme NADH is an electro active material, has two polarographic waves at (+0.244V,+0.464V) by (HDME) including (DPP) in pH = 7.4 and T = 370 C, from the different measurements to optimize the ideal conditions for its Polarographic measurement. The acidity function was studied and found it’s inversely proportional with (E1\2) and directly with (id) . The building standard calibration curve is Shown that diffusion current consider as function to concentration according to Ilkovic equation (id = k C). The study formation of molecular complexes found that (Ub0) has shift E1\2 of NADH to high value by (+0.012V), but the other substances have’s shift to less value by ( -0.012, -0.008, -0.007V) for(ATP,Caff.,Vit.C)respectively, from calculation(kr , kf) and estimation (Keq) was equal to (0.96, 35.3, 3.4, 3.0) as well (G0) values are(+0.1,-9.1,-3.1,-2.8) for (Ub0,ATP,Caff.,vit.C) respectively, found (ATP) complex formation is more stable than the other molecular complexes whereas (Ub0) complex was the less stable