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The pH effect on Polarographic Potential wave of Carvediolol, Atenolol and Propranolol
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Oraas Adnan Hatem*1 اسم الناشر:
Falah Shareef Abed Suhail2, Amer Mousa Juda3 اسماء المساعدين:
October - December 2016 - JCPS Volume 9 Issue 4 الجهة الناشرة:
ISSN: 0974-2115  
2016 سنة النشر:


Reduction potential for carvedilol, atenolol and Propranolol was determined by polarographic style used. Hanging Mercury Dropping Electrode (HMDE), all these pharmaceutical compounds was electro active with half wave potential E1/2 of 0.148, 0.112 and 0.118 V respectively, PH effect on the polarographic potential wave was study in phosphate buffer solution with a concentration of 0.98×10-5, 1.12×10-5 and 1.15×10-5 M for carvedilol, atenolol and Propranolol respectively, the values of pH ranged at 5, 6, 7.4, 8. The result showed that the values of half wave potential E1/2 inversely proportional with pH and diffusion current (id) is directly proportional.