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Effect of lamotrigine and carbamazepine on selected reproductive hormones, lipid profiles and ovarian histology in female rats
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Bassim Irheim Mohammad اسم الناشر:
Najah Al-Mousawi2, Azhar Al-Terahi2 & Ekhas Hassan اسماء المساعدين:
Endocrine Abstracts الجهة الناشرة:
(2009) 20 P639  
2009 سنة النشر:


Objectives: This study was conducted to evaluate the effect of lamotrigine (LTG) & carbamazepine (CBZ) on reproductive hormones (follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH), luteinizing hormone (LH) & total testosterone), lipid profiles (total cholesterol (TC), triglyceride (TG), high density lipoprotein (HDL), low density lipoprotein (LDL) & very low density lipoprotein (VLDL)), ovarian weight & histology in non epileptic female rats. Materials and methods: Thirty-two sexually mature female Sprague–Dawley rats were included in this study, divided randomly into 4 groups, each one included eight rats. Blood samples collected from one group (eight rats), then dissected before starting the treatment & experimental parameters were measured. The other 3 groups, group I received distilled water & considered as control group, group II received LTG & group III received CBZ for 56 days. After treatment, blood samples were collected from animals then killed & dissected for measuring of previously mentioned parameters. Results: LTG & CBZ caused insignificant changes in serum FSH, LH & total testosterone. LTG & CBZ treatment insignificantly affect lipid profiles & weights of ovaries. Ovaries of LTG & CBZ treated rats did not show features of polycystic ovaries & their histology appeared similar to normal tissue. Numbers of corpus leutum & numbers of follicular cysts did not change significantly in these ovaries. Conclusion: LTG & CBZ did not produce changes in reproductive hormones, lipid profiles & ovarian histology which were characteristic of PCOS in non epileptic female rats.