د.باسم عبد الحسن الشحمان المياح ( أستاذ )
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Use of Gamma Radiation Techniques in Peaceful Application.
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IntechOpen, October 2nd 2019, Print ISBN 978-1-83962-259-5 Online ISBN 978-1-83962-260-1 eBook (PDF الجهة الناشرة:
IntechOpen,Published in London, UK  
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This book brings new research knowledge insights to the properties and behavior of gamma-rays. It encompasses a wide range of options, including gamma applications in nuclear physics, medical physics, industrial processes, environmental sciences, radiation biology, radiation chemistry, radiotherapy, agriculture and forestry, sterilization, and the food industry, as well as a review of both advantages and problems that are present in these applications. The book is primarily intended for scientific workers who have contacts with gamma-rays, such as staff working in nuclear power plants, manufacturing industries, civil engineers, medical equipment manufacturers, oncologists, radiation therapists, dental professionals, universities, and the military, as well as those who intend to enter the world of applications and problems of gamma-rays. Because of the global importance of gamma-rays, the content of this book will be interesting to a wider audience.