د.باسم عبد الحسن الشحمان المياح ( أستاذ )
كلية العلوم - البيئة والتلوث ( مسؤول شعبة )
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Radionuclides and heavy elements in a water deposits of Reverse Osmosis system filters in Iraqi houses
بحث النوع:
علوم التخصص العام:
Basim A. Almayahi اسم الناشر:
, Aseel F. Alfarhad , Ayad Hussein Resen اسماء المساعدين:
Iranian Journal of Medical Physics الجهة الناشرة:  
2018 سنة النشر:


Introduction: In this study, we investigated contaminants in sediments of reverse osmosis water systems in Iraqi households. These filters are imported from the US and Taiwan and are available in the Iraqi market. The rate of environmental pollutions in residues of the water filters was examined by measuring alpha particles emission rates and the concentration of heavy metals. Material and Methods: In this study, we measured the rate of alpha particles emission using CR-39 detector. Heavy elements were measured using an atomic absorption spectrometer. Results: The highest value of cadmium was found in Ghadeer district and the lowest cadmium value in Alswag district. The highest value of lead was found in Ghadeer district and the lowest in Aljameha. The emission rates of alpha particles were found to be the lowest in the sediments of Ghadeer district, and the highest values were found in Khan Almkhdhar. Conclusion: The average concentrations of