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The Microorganisms associated domestic and imported meats and the possibility of controlling on it.
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2015 سنة النشر:


This study was designed to isolate and diagnose the microorganisms associated with meat imported and domestic communities depending on morphological , microscopically , biochemical physiological properties as well as using PCR and vitek techniques and detection the ability of fungal isolates to produce metabolic compounds . Which have toxic effects in physiological and biochemical parameters in albino rat males ,and the possibility of primary diagnosis for these compounds .Also this study including to evaluated the effectiveness of some natural and chemical treatment on occurrence these microorganisms in meat samples . The results showed that a total number of microorganisms in samples of meat reached 222.71x105 cfc/g and 128.66 x 105 cfc /g respectively .Five bacterial isolates were isolated from meat samples ,these isolates belonged to Staphylococcus , Escherichia ,Enterococcus ,Salmonella and Serratia genera. Escherichia coli was high frequency and visible get to 89% and 28.94 % respectively ,while the frequency and visible of Staphylococcus aureus were 26.31 % and 70.3 % respectively , as well as the Multiplex PCR results confirmed that 6 isolates genome belong to E.coli were containing gene STX which is responsible for toxin synthesis .