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Excess Lifetime Cancer Risk due to Gamma Radioactivity in Bricks Samples Used in Buildings of Iraq
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Ali Yahya Salman Ali Abid Abojassim اسماء المساعدين:
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Background: In this Study, the natural radioactivity (238U, 232Th and 40K) were measured in some bricks samples that collected from Iraqi markets. The indices of hazards which are related to gamma-ray have been determined in this paper such as the radium equivalent activity (Raeq), absorbed dose rate (Dr), external hazard index (Hex), internal hazard index (Hin), respective (Iγ), annual effective dose equivalent (AEDE) and excess lifetime cancer risk (ELCR). Material and methods: The gamma-ray measurements were performed by using NaI(Tl) detector. Results: The results show that the lower and highest average value of 238U was 5.49±0.61 Bq/kg and 37.96±1.53 Bg/kg, while for 232Th was 6.67±0.40 Bq/kg and 18.72±0.69 Bq/kg , and for 40K 380.02±5.26 Bq/kg and 763.08±7.72 Bq/kg respectively. Conclusions: The results of this work were agreed with the worldwide average which are recommended by UNSCEAR. Also the obtained results of excess lifetime cancer risk revealed that the level of pollution which observed in bricks samples were very low. Therefore, could not post any radiological threat to the people using it.