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Molecular Study of Antibiotic Resistance Gene in Salmonella entericaserovartyphiIsolates
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A total of (80) specimens collected from patient suffeing from typhoid fever during the period from 1, December ,2017 to 15, January, 2018 .The identification of the Salmonella entericaserovartyphiisolates were depended on colonial morphology, microscopic examination and biochemical tests Vitek-2 system as a primary identification . The final identification was performed byPCR technique with Flic-d. In addition antibiotic genes was used such as (bla- CTM,aac(6)- Ib-cr, sul-1andblatem-1).Rendering to the results obtained according tothe morphological ,cultural and biochemical characters from 80 sample only 44(55%) isolate was identify as Salmonella typhi. According to the results obtained by PCR, Flic-dgene that encode was found in 30/44(70.4%) isolates inSalmonella typhi.The study investigated the antibiotic resistance genes of Salmonella typhiwhich play a major role in pathogenicity .