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genotype and phenotype detection of E. coli isolated from children suffering from urinary tract infection
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One hundred clinical urine samples were obtained from patients suffering from UTI during the period from 1, August, 2017 to 9, October, 2017. Methodology: The identification of the E. coli isolates was depended on colonial morphology, microscopic examination and biochemical tests as a primary identification. The final identification was performed by PCR technique with Mdh. In addition antibiotic genes were used such as (bla-CTM, blatem-1, aac (6)-Ib-crandsul-1). Result: Rendering to the results obtained according to the morphological ,cultural and biochemical characters from 100 sample only 80 (80%) isolate was identify as E. coli. According to the results obtained by PCR, Mdh gene that encode was found in 56 (70%) isolates in E. coli. The results of PCR revealed that the percentage of bla-CTX-M gene among tested isolates reached to 30/56(53.57%), 10/56(17.85%) for blaTEM-1, 13/56(23.2%) for aac (6')-Ib-cr and 33/42 (78.57%) for Sul-1gene. Conclusion: The study investigated the antibiotic resistance genes of E. coli which play a major role in pathogen city .