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Eco-friendly Design of Flow Injection System for The Determination of Bismarck Brown R Dye
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International Journal of Pharmaceutical Research الجهة الناشرة:  
2018 سنة النشر:


A simple, rapid, inexpensive, and eco-friendly flow injection system is designed for the determination of Bismarck Brown R dye. The design process is included the manufactureof dual flow injection valve with the possibility of loading one solution. The flow rate of carrier stream, optimum volume of sample, repeatability, and dispersion coefficient are studied. The calibration graph is constructed for both spectrophotometric and flow injection methods. The flow rate is fixed at 2.10 mL.min-1 with optimal volume 157.00μL of Bismarck Brown R dye. The repeatability is conducted for 10 measurements (n=10) and the dispersion coefficient values are 1.75 and 1.58 for the concentrations 5.00 ppm and 7.00 ppm respectively. The linear range of calibration graph is (0.05-35.00) ppm for flow injection method and (0.10-25.00) ppm for spectrophotometric method. The flow injection method is successfully applied for the determination of Bismarck Brown R dye in standard solutions.