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Natural Radioactivity in Dust Storm Samples from Al-Najaf, Iraq
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Ali Abid Abojassim Al-Hamidawi اسم الناشر:
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ISBN: 978-960-474-375-9  
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Dust storms samples were collected at Iraqi weather of 2013. Radioactivity was measured using (NaI)Tl detector, specific activity levels due to 40K, 238U and 232Th were measured in eight samples. The average of specific activity in the collected dust storms samples was found the range from (237.166±5.834) to (368.689±17.697) Bq/Kg with an average value of (308.168±46.124) Bq/Kg for 40K, 238U specific activity range from (11.531±2.080) to (34.997±2.683) Bq/Kg with an average value of (21.4775±8.406) Bq/Kg and 232Th specific activities range from (2.805±0.370) to (11.162±1.638) Bq/Kg with an average of (5.446±2.738) Bq/Kg and. The average value of the radium equivalent was found (52.994±13.041) Bg/Kg, while the average value of the external hazard index, internal hazard index and absorbed dose in air were found (0.224±0.0569), (0.201±0.057) and (26.384±6.263) nGy/h respectively. Also in this study compared of results with international recommended values and found to be with in the international level.