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Radon Concentrations Measurement for Drinking Water in Kufa City /Iraq Using Active Detecting Method
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Advances in Physics Theories and Applications الجهة الناشرة:  
2013 سنة النشر:


In this research , radon concentrations in drink water samples were measured in Kufa city – Iraq by using a technique called Durridge RAD7-H2O with closed loop. The studied sites on the map of Kufa city were determined by using GIS program. It was found that , the range of radon concentrations for the studied area between (3.9±0.0432- 226±8.876) Bq/m3, while the range of mean annual effective dose between (0.54834- 31.7756) μS.y-1. When the results were compared of radon concentrations with the internationally recommended reference levels (World health Organization limit 500 Bq/m3) and the mean effective annual dose for radon in drink water normal limits of world (1 mSv/y), there were no indications of existence of radon problems in the water sources in this survey. therefore the drinking water in Kufa city is safe as far as radon concentration is concerned.