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Evaluation of Radiation Hazard Indicesduo to Gamma Radiation in Hattin Complex at Babylon Government
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Ali Abid Abojassim اسم الناشر:
Mohanad H . Oleiwi and 2Mohammad Hassan اسماء المساعدين:
Middle-East Journal of Scientific Research الجهة الناشرة:
2016 سنة النشر:


This study has been carried out to measure the specific activates and radiation hazard indices in soil samples at Hattin complex in Babylon government.The measurements have been done using spectral analysis technique for gamma-rayspectroscopy with scintillation detector.Three radionuclides have been detected in the selected samples Which included: radionuclide (214Bi) belonging to the uranium series ; radionuclide (208TI) belonging to the thorium series and the natural radionuclide (40K). The specific activity of radionuclides belonging to the uranium series(238U) in samples ranged between 5.15 to35.74 Bq/kg, with an average 16.07±2.89 Bq/kg and the specific activity of radionuclides belonging to the thorium series (232Th) ranged between5.95 to15.56 Bq/kg, with an average 9.60±0.954 Bq/kg. The nature radionuclide (40K) is detected in all samples too with specific activity ranged between235.63 to 363.67 Bq/kg, with an average271.42±11.60 Bq/Kg. The radiation hazard indices have been calculated in the present work which include: (Radium Equivalent Activity (Raeq), Absorbed Gamma Dose Rate (D ), external hazard index (Hext), internal hazard index (Hint), Representativegamma index (I ) and Annual effective dose equivalent (AEDE) which include indoor, outdoor and totaleffective dose rate,), in addition to calculated excess life cancer (ELCR) in all samples under study. The average values of Raeq, D , Hex, Hin, I and AEDEtotal were 86.24 ±4.94 Bq/Kg, 26.47 ± 1.25 nGy/h, 0.144 ± 0.007, 0.188 ± 0.014, 0.408 ± 0.019 , 0.162 ±0.009 mSv/y respectively, while the values of ELCR were ranged between 0.438×10-3 to 0.700×10-3, with an average0.568×10-3±0.034. When comparing the results for the present work with Worldwide average, we found that the values were within the recommended values given by (UNSCEAR,1994 and UNSCEAR, 2008). In other words, The soil samples of Hattin complex were Safe for does and not constitute a danger or hazard to the citizens.