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Study of Norm and Some Radiological Parameters in Instant Noodles Sold in Iraq
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World Applied Sciences Journal الجهة الناشرة:
© IDOSI Publications, 2015 DOI: 10.5829/idosi.wasj.2015.33.06.181  
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The radioactivity is invisible, tasteless and not mentioned on food labels; therefore, it must be measured the radionuclides levels in all food samples. Instant noodles were selected as the important food that is world wide used. Natural radioactivity and some radiological parameters of 13 instant noodles samples that available in Iraq supermarkets was determined using Gamma ray Spectroscopy method. The results showed the range of specific activity for Ra-226 from (2.382±1.128) to (31.918±3.374) Bq/kg with an average (14.98231) Bq/Kg; for Th-232 from (1.509±0.297) to (9.269±0.716) Bq/kg with an average (3.4421538) Bq/Kg and K-40 from (113.069±6.854) to (392.453±8.482) Bq/kg with an average (234.9235) Bq/Kg. While, the average results of Radium equivalent activity and internal hazard indices were (37.99370015 Bq/Kg and 0.143116), respectively. All specific activity (Ra-226, Th-232 and K-40) investigated in the noodle samples occurred within the threshold limit of UNSECR, (2000) standard (35, 30 and 400) Bq/kg, also Radium equivalent activity and internal hazard indices were lower than the worldwide average (370 Bq/Kg and 1), respectivly. Hence, caution should be taken in the successive consumption of these noodles to avoid diseases associated with the overtime accumulation of these heavy metals especially in samples where they appeared in relatively high amount.