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The impact of foreign direct investment on the development and sustainable development in some Muslim countries (Turkey and Pakistan) for the period 1991-2011 By use Johnson transformation Method for data and Econometrics models
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The relationship between investment and development of close relations in economic thought, foreign investment have been associated by the development of international trade, and helped to spread and increasing rates emergence transnational corporations National Furthermore mergers and acquisitions across borders, including the purchase of foreign investors Government Organizations that have been privatized, Has used the most of the world foreign capital to modernize and develop its production facilities and other components of the national economy, and foreign investment played an important role in economic development projects for the host countries if they have done these countries to choose their projects and their foreign partners, Investing can close the gap of resources and capabilities that are not available in the receiving countries, and expanding the investor base in the country, and through the participation of local capital and therefore a positive impact on the balance of payments and increasing exports