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Text Encryption Based on Singular Value Decomposition
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Adil AL-Rammahi اسم الناشر:
Nidhal K. El Abbadi Mohammed Abdul-Hameed اسماء المساعدين:
European Academic Research Journal 2 (4): 4631-4642, July 20 14 . الجهة الناشرة:
European Academic Research Journal 2 (4): 4631-4642, July 2014 .  
2014 سنة النشر:


Nowadays, text encryption is recommendable when it is transmitted or stored on insecure channels as Internet. In this paper we introduced novel method to encrypt text based on SVD. Up to our knowledge this is the first paper encrypted text by using SVD. The message is the composition of some character. Every character of the message can be represented as an ASCII value, and then we can build numeric matrix for each text. We suggested using other text as key and using with plaintext to scramble the plaintext prior to use the SVD process which makes cryptanalyst’s job difficult. There are many difficulties in using the SVD to encrypt text. The decrypted text was the same as the plaintext without loss any character. Encryption and decryption time were reasonable. One of the important features of this work is the ability to produce encrypted text with language differ from the plaintext language which make add more complixity of decrypt the encrypted text from third party.