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كلية طب بيطري - طب بيطري عام
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1. Detection by using HPLC technique of Chloro-cypermethrin and Chlorpyrifos concentration residual in plasma of slaughtered animals (cattle, sheep, gaut, and camel) in najaf city
طب بيطري - Conference: First international conference of natural science ICNS 2016, At Charmo University su - 2016
2. Hypothalamic GHRH and pituitary GH genes expression levels in neonatal inhibin-immunoneutralized female rats
طب بيطري - Conference: Conference: The 5th congress of the Asia Pacific Initiative on Reproduction (ASPIRE), Br - 2014
3. The Effect of Piracetam against Acetyl Choline (Ach) In Behavioral Changes with Some Biochemical Parameters in Adult Mice
طب بيطري - kufa journal for veterinary medical science - 2017