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No. Subjects Hours Week 1- Development of the oral cavity: a- Fertilization. b- Basic germ layer: c- Ectoderm. d- Mesoderm. e- Endoderm. f- Neural crest formation, migration and derivative. g- Brachial arches. 1 1 2- Development of face and oral cavity: a- Development of the facial process. b- Development of the tongue. c- Clinical considerations: d- Facial clefts. e- Development cyst. f- Lingual anomalies. g- Labial anomalies. 2 2 &3 3- Development and growth of the teeth: a- Enamel organ. b- Dental papilla. c- Dental sac. 2 4&5 4- Root formation: a- Hertwig’s epithelial root sheath. b- Uni- and multi-rooted tooth. c- Clinical considerations: d- Initiation stages. e- Proliferation. f- Histodifferentiation. g- Morphodifferentiation. h- Apposition. 1 6 5- Enamel: a- Physical and chemical characters. b- Structure elements. 1 7 6- Amelogensis: a- Amelobolast file cycle. b- Formation of the enamel matrix. c- Mineralization of the matrix. 1 8 7- Clinical consideration in enamel. a- Abnormal enamel formation. b- Genetic factor responsible for the enamel formation. c- System and local factors. 1 9 8- Dentine: a- Physical and chemical properties. b- Dentine structure. 1 10 9- Structure and landmarks could be seen in dentine: a- In ground section. b- In decalcified section. c- Different kinds of dentine. 1 11 10- Dentinogenesis; A- Odontoblast life cycle. b- In decalcified section. c- Dentine enervation theories. 2 12 11- 11- Pulp. a- Mature pulp. b- Formation and development of the pulp. c- Structure elements. d - Pulp stones. e- Defense cell neural system. f - Clinical consideration. 2 13 12- Cementum: a- Mature cementum structure and properties. b- Cellular cementum. c- Acellular cementum. d- Cementogenesis. e- Cemento-enamel junction. f- Cemento-dentinal junction. g- Clinical consideration. 2 14 13- Periodontal ligament: a- Development and formation. b- Clinical consideration of the periodontal ligament. c- Physiological changes. 2 14- Oral mucosa membrane: a- Transitional area. c- Kinds of oral mucosa. 1 15- Maxilla and mandible: a- Development of the alveolar process. b- Properties of the alveolar bone. c- Clinical considerations. 3 16- Dentino-gingival junction. Development of the epithelial attachments. 1 17- Salivary gland: a- Classification. b- Structure elements. c- Clinical considerations. 2 18- Eruption of teeth: a- Mechanism of eruption. b- Clinical considerations. 2 19- Shedding of the deciduous teeth: a- Process of shedding. b- Clinical considerations. 1 20- Histochemistry of the tissue: a- Structure and chemical composition of oral tissue. b- Specific histochemical method. 1