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009647706821292 أستاذ مساعد في اختصاص الفيروسات الطبية ,ولدي عدة بحوث منشورة عالمياً ومحليا ضمن الاختصاص, وامتلك خبرة في مجال الزرع الخلوي والتقنيات الحديثة في مجال البحوث الفيروسية. مجال التدريس هو الاختصاص العام "احياء مجهرية" والاختصاص الدقيق"فيروسات طبية",وحاليا اشترك في تدريس مادة علم الامراض, اشرفت على مشاريع طلبة الماجستير والدكتوراه ضمن الاختصاص العام والدقيق بجانب الاشراف على بحوث طلبة الدراسات الاولية. My CV update 19/9/2019 Khalida Kadhim Abbas Al-Kelaby (Khalida K. Abbas Al-Kelaby) Academic Status:Assisst Proff Qualification:PhD Assistant Professor/Virologist at Pharmacy college/ kufa university since 2000 Department:Clinical and laboratory sciences Location: Najaf Governorate, Iraq Specialty: Virology/ Microbiology Tel: + 9647706821292;; viber +9647717523611 E-Mail: [email protected] ;; [email protected] Teaching Interest: (Undergraduate and post graduate) 1. Basic and medical virology. 2. Advanced virology and immunology 3. Medical microbiology. 4. Biotechnology. 5. Pathology 6. Lab. training Research Interests: 1-Modern diagnostic techniques correlated with viral diseases like PCR and RT-PCR. 2- Cell culture techniques for the studying of cytopathic effect showed after infection of cultured cells 3- Invitro and Invivo studies associated with antiviral drugs. 4- Pharmaceutical researches of graduated or higher studies students. 5- Anticancer studies 6- Future work with viral vaccine as anticancer Recently published researches 1. Mohammmmed AG, Al-kelaby KKA, Farhan FK. Cytotoxicity of Magnesium Oxide-Zinc Oxide-Titanium Nanocomposite (MgZnTiO4) on LS 174T Colorectal Adenocarcinoma Cell Line. 2019;11(2):121–30. 2. Al-kelaby KKA, Hasan SA, Abbas JK. Cytotoxicity and Modulation of Synthesized Nitrochalcone derivative on Rhabdomyosarcoma cell line. 2016;8(1):41–51. 3. Al-kelaby KKA, Abdulridha AS, Fakhriddeen AJ. Study the Incidence of Herpes Simplex Virus 2 and certain of their Immunological Aspects in Genitourinary Tract Infection among Men in Al-Najaf City / Iraq. 2016;8(5):74–9. 4. Al-kelaby KKA, Haider Mansour Kadhim MHG. In vitro study on H9 avian influenza cytopathic effect in Al-Najaf Al-Ashraf /Iraq. AL-Qadisiya J Vet Med Sci. 2014;13(2):61–8. 5. smaeel Moslam Alwaan1, Muhannad Ahmed, Al-kelaby KKA, ZSMA. STARCH-CHITOSAN MODIFIED BLEND AS LONG-TERM CONTROLLED DRUG. Pak J Biotechnol. 2018;15(4):947–55. 6. Prevalence of Staphylococcus aureus in Atopic dermatitis (Eczema) cases in Al-Najaf city/Iraq. 2016 .381. Kufa j. for nursing sciences.2016. 7. Assessment of Lycopene Effects on Herpes Simplex - 1 in Tissue Culture. Ahmed Hadi Saeed, Khalida K Al-Kelaby, Hussein Abdulkadhim A, and Hashim R Tarish Al-Janaby. Research Journal of Pharmaceutical, Biological and Chemical Sciences. July– August 2015 RJPBCS 6(4) Page No. 513: ISSN: 0975-8585. 8. DIAGNOSTIC STUDY ON HERPES SIMPLEX-1. Ahmed Hadi Saeed Al-Khafaji1; Khalida K. Abbas Al-Kelaby2 and Hashim R.Tarish Al-janaby3 . AL-Qadisiya Journal of Veterinary . 2015. Vol 14(4). 9. Association of Staphylococcus aureus enterotoxin coding genes A,B and C and Atopic Dermatitis (Eczema). Khalida K. Abbas Al-Kelaby , Emad Sadiq AL-Hilli2; Adnan Kareem Al-Salamy3; Kareem Thamir Al-Kaabi; Najah R.Hadi and Ala`a S. Ali. Journal of Tropical Medicine and Health. 2019. 10. Mohammmmed AG, Farhan FK, Al-kelaby KA. Effect of Water Absorption and Simulated Body Fluid on Surface Hardness of PMMA / PLA-MgZnTiO 4. J Comput Theor Nanosci ·. 2019;16(XX):68–70. Khalida Kadhim Al-Kelaby Assistant Professor of Virology University of KUFA College of pharmacy Clinical pharmacy department Tel + 964 7717523611 -mail [email protected] [email protected]