Mohammed Hassan Ali Dkhail ( Assistant Professor )
Faculty of Political Sciences - Political Science
[email protected]
The role of political parties in comparative political systems
The Faculty of Political Science at the University of Kufa held a panel discussion titled "The Role of Political Parties in Comparative Political Systems" where the lecturer (Dr. Mohammed Hassan Dakhil) attended a group of teachers. The researcher discussed that the political system was closely related to the parties The political system in the country is a reflection of the orientations of the political parties. The parties are a factor in activating the political reality and enhancing the vitality of the political administration, and it appears that the side of the views that support and oppose the existence of the political parties is another opinion that calls for keeping political parties as a necessary necessity for society. And the establishment of parties and their organization on the basis of programs studied and the public interest. In the end, political thought did not find a way to compete politically better than political parties.